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Ron's goal as a Residential Designer is to design homes that meet the clients budget, but give his clients the extra character that make each house a home. 

Ron Globke

Award-winning designer, Ron Globke, has been working in the building industry since 1985. Ron started out as a carpenter in the early years and built many homes with his hands. After a short stint in the Army (4 years), he put his knowledge of building to work with Fullerton Building Systems in Worthington, Minnesota.

At Fullerton Building Systems, he was part of the design team that designed and built fast food restaurants (Taco Bell, Wendys, Burger King, and Steak and Shake) and hotels (Fairfield Inn, Days Inn, Comfort Suites) across the country. After moving to Cincinnati with his family in 1996, Ron worked in a Truss Manufacturing Facility (Western Building Products).

His experience in roof design is far greater then most in the home design industry. Having to design roof truss systems on up to 300 projects a year allows Ron to virtually see in his mind what a house is going to look like while he draws the floor plan.

In 1999 Ron decided to help out builders and home owners whom were working with less than desirable plans by starting a design firm part time. After a few short years of trying to do both, the truss design and home design, Ron started Sensible Home Design full time and has operated the company since then.

With more than 500 homes designed, Ron has a vast knowledge of what it takes to design a home with all the charm and functionality that is required.

Ron is married to Florence, a nurse in Middletown, Ohio and is the proud parent of two boys and step father of two girls: Andrew, Jacob, Sarah and Jenn. Ron and Florence are also proud grandparents of to grandsons: Jack and Nick.

Ron's greatest accomplishment is winning the "Peoples Choice Award" for the best overall home at the 2009 Cincinnati Homebuilders Assocication Homearama-Luxury Addition at The woods of Carmelle in Mason Ohio.


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