Custom Home Plans

Sensible Home Design is primarily a Custom Home Design firm. Custom Homes are our business and it is what we do best.


  • Custom Home Design  is what we do best

    We prefer to take your ideas of your perfect house and make it your own.

    Our expert designers will work with you to make your dreams become reality.   

    With our experience and your Ideas we will take all of the ideas that you have and put it on paper. 

    Simply create your wish list, bring your imagination , sit down with us and let us design your DREAM HOME.

    The average cost for us to design a custom plan is typically less then the plan prices you find on the interenet for custom design or plan customization, and with our service you get the assurance that your plan will be accepted by the plans examiner in your municipality.

    We are also there throughout the building process to ensure that all questions are answered.

  •  View our Plan Book 

    We have a book of plans of houses that have been designed in the past.  

    We can work with you on one of these plans to create your own customized design, or you can use it as it is.

    The plan book can only be viewed in our office by appointment. 

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