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The Process
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The first question I get from most everyone who hasn't had the pleasure of building their own home before is: Where do I start?  

The answer is. HERE

With years of experience Sensible Home Design, LLC is uniquely equipped to help you start on your way to building a new custom home or addition. 

We know design processes and styles always changing, so we continually seek new and improved ways to serve you.

Below are the basic steps to getting your new home or addition designed and built.

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    Step 1 Contact us and set up an initial consultation

    Make the call. Write the Email. Fill out a form on this page. Send up a smoke signal(just kidding we don't have anyone fluent in smoke signals)  

    Any of the first three forms are acceptable. The first step is to sit down and see if we are the right fit for you as your Professional Home Designer.  

    Call us at 513/520-4060

    Email Us at sensiblehd@gmail.com

    Fill out a form for us to get in contact with you. Get in touch

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    Step 2 Gather your information, ideas, and inspirations

    Once you have made the appointment the next steps are easy.  

    This is the only one that you have to do most of the work.  

    While you are waiting on the appointment you need to get all of your information together. Lot information, Sketches, lists, inspirational pictures, builder info, covnanents and lot restrictions if applicable, prelimnary budget ideas etc....   

    You can bring anything that you want to the meeting that you think will help us understand what you want in your new home.  

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    Step 3 The Meeting

    The first meeting is a get to know each other and a get to know that project meeting. In order to design the house that you want a meeting that if very informal and open will help us know what you are looking for in a home. 

    The main action steps that will need to be achieved in the first meeting are.

    1. Fill out information about the customer and the project.
    2. Get and Idea of what the customer is looking for in a house and the way that they would like to use it. Family areas, basements, outdoor living, garages, future uses....
    3. Get copies of sketchs or make sketches of the project. Get copies of any inspiration pictures and product literature. 
    4. Go through the process and the schedule of the project. 
    5. Sign the contract and pay the down payment. 
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    Step 4 The Preliminary Design

    Once the intial meeting has occurred and the main action steps have been completed, the prelimnary design phase will begin and a design based on your sketches, Ideas, Inspirational photos and requests will be drawn.  

    Everything that was discussed during the meeting including budget, the project lot and style will be taken into consideration in this phase. 

    If there are any further questions or issues that arise, you will be consulted to resolve the issue. After all issues are resolved the plan will be created.

    The plan will be basic and have enough information to understand what it will be. Many times the 3d elevation will also be ready so you can see what the basic exterior of the house will look like.  

    The next step will be the reveal.

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    Step 5 The Reveal

     This is usually the most exciting day.

    The Reveal is just like is sounds.

     This is the day when you get to see what the prelimary plan look like.  

    The reveal is done one of two ways. 

    Either in a meeting in which we show you the plan and elevations, or in an email if the time for a meeting is not possible.  

    We will go over what and how we came up with the plan.  

    Normally you will have some time to review it on your own time to make a list of requested changes and redline the plan. 

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    Step 6 The Revision Stage

     After you have reviewed it a meeting will be set and we will dicuss the plan and any of the changes you would like to make.  

    After this meeting a revised prelim will be done and the same process will happen again.   

    Hopefully after one or two prelim revisions the plan will be ready for final detail stage

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    Step 7 The Final Stage(Detail Stage)

    The final stage begins once all the changes have been made to the basic plan. Doors moved, room sizes revised, elevation style agreed to.  

    In this stage the plan will be checked and rechecked for accuracy and any details that are required to get the project built are drawn. Notes and code requirements are reviewed and added. 

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    Step 8 The final plans

    The plans are final and the final payment is due.  

    You are ready to build your new house. 

      Now it is time to
build your new home. 
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